Monday, November 10, 2008

Universities Face Degree Revolution

At least, that was the headline in the Observer on 9/11/08.

This week DIUS will publish a series of papers which will consider the following: "Traditional university degrees may be radically overhauled, with thousands more students studying part-time, employers funding degrees and universities forced to reveal what benefit they actually give to students."

One of the papers which will argue that the cost of higher education is 'beginning to erode and blur the current distinction between full-time and part-time study', with two-thirds of full-timers doing paid jobs during term, has been written by Christine King.

Other proposals mooted in the article include:
  • Greater flexibility in the way people study in HE
  • Universities publishing more detail of student outcomes
  • Changes to the academic year
  • Review of the degree classification system.
All in all, a fundamental look at how universities operate - watch this space!

The Observer also published a feature in the review section of the paper on "Does a degree really set you up for life."

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Dominic Took said...

Just read about this seeing as our site is down and I was looking for the degree classification blurb.

Doesn't sound as if it will make your job any easier and we have enough bureaucracy as it is let's face it.

But still prospective employers could do with a little more information about the students degree. Yet if I get a first I still hope that carries some weight but I guess it's industry dependant.

Hey, maybe my books will take off some day