Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Guardian 2010 University League Tables

Yes, it's time for yet anothe league table, this time courtesy of the Guardian. And we don't really pay league tables much heed, unless of course we've done well in them. In this one, Staffordshire University has risen from 67th place last year to 55th this year, so the methodology used must be superb!

No surprises at the top - the first five are Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, Warwick and LSE.

The interesting positions are lower down - for example Bournemouth (the highest placed "new" university) ranked above Manchester. Other post-92 universities punching above their weight are Trent and Napier. Staffs position is good, above Oxford Brookes, Birmingham City and Hallam.

The rankings are based on teaching excellence, and the factors included use data from the NSS to provide values for: % satisfied with teaching; % satisfied with feedback; spend per student; student staff ration; career prospects; value added and average UCAS entry tariff.


Bobbie said...

Thats a lot higher than we have been in previous years isn't it?

Mike said...

certainly is!