Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Times University Guide and Tables

Published today, the Sunday Times has weighed in with its annual University guide and league tables. As usual not many surprises at the top - Oxford overtake Cambridge (yawn) to take first place.

Staffs Uni don't seem to have so well - a drop to 95th from 77th last year. It'll be interesting to work out why this is, but I hazard a guess that a high weighting applied to research excellence will have had an effect based on the most recent RAE scores.

For Midlands universities we score 14th out of 19.

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Martin Fiddler said...

After several years of climbing steadily upwards a few places each year in the various league tables, this is an horiffic stumble downwards from a decent position to an awful one. The position wrt Midland universities is equally bad...