Thursday, March 5, 2009

Web 2.0 Tools

Web2.0 has been a buzzword for a while, and I guess all of our students use many of the different systems out there, and so do many staff.

There is an interesting conflict between the use of University supplied and managed systems (control) and learner/tutor developed systems outside of the University (innovation). Mark Stiles has done a fair amount of work on this tension.

Here are a few links to document produced that look at the use of web2.o in education (and could be read in conjuntion with the University Challenge article from the Guardian, previously blogged.

Great Expectations of ICT - produced by JISC and Ipsos-Mori

Student Expectations Survey - again by JISC and Ipsos Mori, about what students expect of ICT at University

A series of reports from Franklin Consulting about a range of e-learning issues

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